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Daily Prompt: Scrabble

Scrabble game

Daily Prompt: Competition

Letters everywhere

dancing across the board

seven tiles

points to place

scoring higher



for your move,


how my tiles

compare to yours,

Scrabble Tiles DIY

Scrabble Tiles DIY (Photo credit: ohsohappytogether)

until all tiles dance up on the board

will I find my score,

no longer a board game,

now on the internet,

we compete, we learn, we grow,

somehow I want to see your reaction,

hear your words,

which gives me satisfaction,

it is not winning but competing,

which makes scrabble worth completing,

To finish a game via the internet is difficult to me

you are welcome to come to my house,

and play Scrabble anytime.


In Honor of the King

English: Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey

English: Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jesus rode a donkey through the streets of Jerusalem a week before he hung up on a cross.
Upon the back of a donkey he made his entry, not on a chariot or sitting on a horse.
For the donkey signifies peace, the goal of how he wanted civilization on earth to live.
He harbored no grudges, and loved everyone to teach them how to live.

Cloaks, and garments streamed the path into the city that is His home.
Hosannas shouted out honoring this man who would live under the temple’s dome.
For true believers knew that this was truly the King of God, the Messiah come at last,
while others only viewed him as the King than would free him from Roman’s attack.

There was no vote of the people, God had preordained Him to appear,
to save all people from Hell and the sorrows of the world to disappear.
Those who looked at Him as only an earthly king soon left his side.
But the faithful to held God’s promises, in Him would abide.

Be glad and rejoice that God has plans that for earth and eternity,
For he has supplied our answers