Daily Prompt: Republic County Kansas

Daily Prompt: Local Flavor.

Kansas Sunrise

Travel to a spectacular place from the breath-taking sunrise,

Experience the prairies stretching far and wide.

Breathe in the fresh air, no buildings to block the sun

Farmers toiling in their fields until the day is done.

Come to Republic County, dotted with fields and  towns,

Filled with people with gentle hearts living in homes all around.

No high-rise apartments, or palaces, but here you are free

To experience the splendor that lay in front of me.

These are the grain elevators in Bushton, Kansas.

Elevators, the skyscrapers of Republic county to find

where the people here are special, truly one of a kind.

Travel to the Pawnee Monument where Indians once roamed

And paved the pathway of agriculture, our life’s stepping stone.

When your day comes to an end just gaze upon the sunset

For Republic County Kansas is a place you won’t forget.

As you drive away and reach the county’s end,

May you remember, Republic County as your friend.

Another Kansas sunset

Another Kansas sunset (Photo credit: -just-jen-)


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