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Daily Post: Nervousness, Tornado Alert

Many memories dance in my head, 

The 1957 Dallas tornado with multiple vortices...


Tornado Siren.

Tornado Siren. (Photo credit: wonder_al)


of natures’ storms to dread,the ominous twister sounds the alarm,of preparing for dangerous harm. The siren blares, action to take,lanterns, flashings, life at stake,By the cellar like dungeon,Where you will be trudging.  Silence, so still, the wind shouts it out,A true sense of danger, no doubt.The adrenaline rush grows higherPreparing me for what might occur. Those are the risks of living in tornado’s  alley,Praying for protection for every valley.As the storm clouds blow away,

I know, many blessing by God that day.

Tornado Alley

Tornado Alley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)