Daily Post: Examiner?

Courtroom in in . The Classical Revival courth...

Courtroom in in . The Classical Revival courthouse was built in 1890, and is listed in the . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Examiner, why have you come to me?

All I want is someone to care,

not to find fault in  the me that you see,

Life lessons of yours to share.

Putting me on trial, is not your duty,

It is between God and me, to know,

No one needs to feel treated rudely.

God only has compassion and patience to give,

Exemplified through the life he lived.

I am thankful for friends who love me religiously,

just as I am.

So if Satan or someone takes such a stand,

Jesus on the wall of the senior Home

Jesus on the wall of the senior Home (Photo credit: freestone)

Reach out and take Jesus’ hand.