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Daily Prompt: Erasure, Failure




Daily Prompt: Erasure.



In life I look
with an everlasting eraser,
what I could remove,
to cut forever,
failures that haunt me,
where I should have been,
words left unspoken,

Crucifixion Jesus Christ Mormon

Crucifixion Jesus Christ Mormon (Photo credit: More Good Foundation)

a broken heart to mend,
a cheek I should have turned,
excuses that didn’t work,
failures robbing me of joy,
I repented and gave them to God,
He, and only he erased them,
Giving His life for me,


Wiping my slate clean,
Casting failure to the wind,
Praying with Him, my Friend.
No failure, there to see,

God's View

God’s View (Photo credit:

But His love remains in me.