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Mellowed in Time

A maxillary denture.

You know that your marriage is healthy and true, when your husband’s dentures are sitting right by the ones that belong to you!

Daily Prompt: VIP My Husband

RA and FAM 019Daily Prompt: VIP

My husband is my VIP

standing by me,

lifting me up,

in sickness and in health,

for richer for poorer,

knowing my core,

no matter how far-fetched

my ideas seem to appear,

He is my life’s mirror.

standing with me year by year,

from budding romance,

to love understanding,

our lives are as one,

as our dentures bathe side by side,

a relationship that breaks the great divide.

he is my love unchanged,

circumstances rearranged,

Thank you, God for my VIP

red means 'i love you'

red means ‘i love you’ (Photo credit: jessleecuizon)

to love as You do,unconditionally.