Archive | March 8, 2013


children around world

Humbled,  joined with all of you throughout this vast world,

humbled to share your world, your views, connected not by chance,

As we study one another as the planet Earth swirls,

To hold on to one another, heart to heart, a joining of hands,

I stand in humility that God has united us together

to dance.

Thanks for being a part of each step, behind and ahead.

Going forward and by God’s hands we are led.

Humility, thank you for allowing me to find you.


Daily Prompt: Fantasy Lies to Survive

Tooth fairy

Tooth fairy (Photo credit: aaipodpics)

Daily Prompt: Fantasy.</p

every tooth to lose,
money to make,
mamma told me,
for goodness sake,
each tooth now gone,
the tooth fairy
is old and weary,
each gold crown,
no longer around,
and here I am

A maxillary denture.

A maxillary denture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

with perfect teeth,
called dentures

with each mouthful
I sit and laugh
of the lies of long ago,
but the dentist is richer,
as the tooth fairy fades
from the picture,
My mother only kept fantasy alive,
because fantasy helps our dreams survive.