Daily Prompt: Twenty-Five, Alphabet Soup


Language (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daily Prompt: Twenty-Five.

Twenty-five letters, alphabet soup?

So many words to share how we feel,
makng life smple, not surreal,
wantng to refresh your heart and mnd,
Manknd’s one of a knd.

Each letter, each thought, each message
spread out on each page,through all passages,
Can you see the alphabet we use day n and day out,
Wthout one letter, language is important without a doubt,

English: Alphabet pasta Deutsch: Buchstabensuppe

English: Alphabet pasta Deutsch: Buchstabensuppe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What am, what say, is hndered more than knew,
the mssng letter can you see t, friend?
The twenty-five takes me apart from the golden rng.
wthout t m lost n forgettng that am.

Have some alphabet soup, again!