Daily Prompt: Places Tranquility

English: Tranquility

English: Tranquility (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daily Prompt: Places.

Yes, tranquility,

searching to find perfect peace,

leaving cares behind,

being at one with creation,

smelling fresh air,

dipping hands into clear blue water,

warmed by the sun

seeing shadows in lakes of crystal blue,

English: Sun dogs during sunset outside of New...

English: Sun dogs during sunset outside of New Ulm, Minnesota, United States. Note the sun dogs on either side of the actual sun, with halo arcs passing through each parhelion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


gazing up into the sky,

connecting as one,

Praising God for each occasion

that here we are one.

joined to share,

tranquility, perfect peace.

Come along with me.

Perfect Peace

Perfect Peace (Photo credit: mikecogh)