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Daily post: infomercials


naa-infomercial - 02

naa-infomercial – 02 (Photo credit: notanalternative)


Every notice when infomercials usually we see,
In the wee morning hours after most are in bed,
Apparently each agency knows you seek a dream.
Something lingers there to keep you looking good,
whether skin creams or workouts clearly wishing they would.

American Bible Society

American Bible Society (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They have gadgets for this and that to make life easy,
We keep sitting there, saying,” No, not me.”
Suddenly you find yourself scrambling for paper and pen,
until they give you that toll-free number once again.
It seems so foolish as we look at these ads we see,
Just believe God doesn’t run ads, He is our supplier.
His infomercials are in the Bible and take us higher.