Daily Prompt: B+ Being Shut in, But Not Shut Out

Rapper Brainpower from the Netherlands

Rapper Brainpower from the Netherlands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Couple of Antiques....tagged!

A Couple of Antiques….tagged! (Photo credit: Quiltsalad)

Sound of silence

Sound of silence (Photo credit: leosagnotti)

Daily Prompt: B+

The joy of the Lord is my strength (Nehemiah 8:10)

Being Shut in, but not shut out,

I think last weekend was much the same,

doing the usual, playing out the stay,

dancing and prancing keeping the routine,

of being cooped up and staying lean,

rapping on and screaming and making up songs,

you might laugh if you would hear me,

or even sing along,

inventive, yes, I’m an original, that’s true,

If I would have to rate last weekend

I would give it a B, or better,

Each word, each sound, echoes wall to wall,

My sweet husband knows me, better than all,

No silence, just joy that I am part of a story,

To praise God and give Him the glory.

Music lovers come on in and frolic around

we’ll rap on and bring the house down.

What time are you coming?


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