Daily Prompt: Undo, Engines, Indeed.

English: 1931 Model A Ford Deluxe Tudor Sedan ...

English: 1931 Model A Ford Deluxe Tudor Sedan owned by Rick & Dana Black, El Paso Texas. Photographed in 2003 next to abandoned railroad freight station near downtown El Paso Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Toyota Solar Panel Array

Toyota Solar Panel Array (Photo credit: Toyota UK)

Daily Prompt: Undo.

The cranking engine of long ago,

propelled reliant on gas,

replacing horses,

cheap, a must have,

changing transportation,

developing commerce,

destroying climate,

looking up the sun’s natural warmth,

energy free, ever shining stored for all,

setting the future,

preserving the world

from generation

to generation,


So many questions,

of future technology,

cars with wind blades

turning with the breeze

staying grounded,

knowledge seeking,

search engines, indeed.