Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth

598 - Moss Stone - Texture

598 – Moss Stone – Texture (Photo credit: Patrick Hoesly)


Cure (Photo credit: Chip Smith)

Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth.

Twenty five acres of Kansas earth

filtering through my hands.

looking up for this rich bounty

what to plant in Republic County,

suddenly seeds poured from the sky,

hitting my nose, and tickling my face,

Whatever, are these seeds supposed falling on me?

Plant them, my child, share it with those you meet.

A voice spoke to me.

I planted each seed, how fast and quickly they grew,

I gave them to doctors, farmers and research to try to uncover

For buried within the leaves growing from such tiny seeds,

Were impossible cures to every deadly disease.

They asked me to come up with a name for these tiny miracles,

I refer to them as God’s Miracle Acres.

Thanks for the plot of earth, I will save a seed for each of you.


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