Daily Post: Who is Wise?

Personification of wisdom (in Greek, "Σοφ...

The Queen of Sheba Kneeling before King Solomon

Spare bomb casings from South Africa's nuclear...

Who is wise enough to answer the answers for this age?
Who can end the wars that through the world does rage?
Who can compromise to reach a perfect solution?
Is there an answer to bring a resolution?

Is it the country that has the most nuclear weapons at hand,

To destroy all life, and wipe out every land?

Is it the wish of one of the many country’s God placed in this world,

Pushing one button and as such a cataclysm to unfurl?

For Solomon the King had wisdom from above

to know which mother was the child, she truly loved,

He suggested to divide the child in two,

the real mother gave the other woman the child,

it was a mother’s love, then King Solomon truly knew.

There is a King more powerful sitting in heaven’s glory.

He holds us each closely, trusting in faith’s story.

For thine is the Kingdom and the Glory,

Forever and Ever. Amen