Daily Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow, Hands to Hold

James Arness - Gunsmoke (June 03, 2011) ...ite...

James Arness – Gunsmoke (June 03, 2011) …item 2b.. Bob Seger – Against the Wind .. Let the cowboys ride … (Photo credit: marsmet53)




Daily Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow.





The tall man saunters into the big bar on a Saturday night, there was something about him that caught my eye.

Standing there with his fringed coat waving with each movement, catching a glance as time flew by.

His long side burns, and moustache gave his facial features, perhaps that only I could see.

He was a man of few words, but came like Matt Dillon to check out the bar and leave.

Only two drinks at the most would he gulp down, I wanted to learn more.

The thoughts remained, “There is something about this man I need to know.”

Many Saturdays came and drifted by and not one word would we say,

but through each new meeting our eyes would meet more in some new way.

A Saturday night when only the bravest and heartiest would not meet defeat,

In the chilly night of 75 below zero, venturing out to find some heat.


That night he came and spoke to me about my life and such.

Exchanging stories to break the ice, to learn so much.

As I peered into his bright blue eyes that sparkled like stars,

Somehow, I felt this was a relationship that would take me far.

After dating, romancing, and falling in love, we knew

That this was a relationship that God held  true.

Through the good and the bad times, we have survived it all,

Knowing we have someone to catch us if one us falls,

For thirty-eight years we are young, not old,

As long as we have each other’s hand to hold.



Holding Hands shadow on sand

Holding Hands shadow on sand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow, Hands to Hold

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  5. 38 years a lot of hands to hold
    To have and to hold
    And be told that you have something
    Beautiful to hold
    Happy Valentine’s Day

    Daniel angel from Cape Cornwall

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