Daily Post: Choosing my Title: Lines by Linda

English: The Nairn Fishwife An exceptional bro...

English: The Nairn Fishwife An exceptional bronze statue by the pier in Fishertown. It depicts a local fisherwoman with her basket of butter, eggs, and gutted fish. The work was designed by Ginny Hutchison and Charles Engebretson, based on a photograph in the local museum of a young fisherwoman – Annie Ralph. It was erected here in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Oil painting reproduction of Ferdinan...

English: Oil painting reproduction of Ferdinand du Puigaudeau. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Choosing a title that spoke from my heart,
captured who I am and a gift to give,
knowing that each of us are alike, and each day a new start,
for all of us have in life a new story to live.

Lines by Linda reminded me of the peace I remember well,
sitting on the banks of a lake, pond, or river.
Alone with God to fish and rely on him as his disciples did,
Finding the reassurance and peace that God is the giver.

For we each cast out our line not knowing what is on the other end.
But believing in each day, to catch  again.


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