Daily Post: Right to Health

English: A doctors stethoscope, lilac coloured...

English: A doctors stethoscope, lilac coloured, close up of stethoscope head. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My right to health care is personal to me,I believe that insurance is way too costly.For private insurers. the premiums grow with age,As well as the deductibles that I have to pay. Will I be better off if the government lays out a plan,That everyone has to have, child, woman, or man?What about the poor, or those who can’t afford one red centIt is on the backs of all of us to pay just what others can’t? So many details in the new health reform, that are hard to leaf through,They need to cover everyone regardless of exactly whom,I know many have little insurance, how will it be put into action,Shouldn’t all governments workers share in this faction? I have many questions and I am sure I am not alone.Everyone has a right to healthcare, the future groans,Let us all make decisions for the health that is our very own.