Archive | January 31, 2013

The magnifying glass?

The magnifying glass appears and scrolls through the top of my blog
And robs the pathway in the forest, like a saw downed log
I do not want this white space which is not my choice,
Ever appearing like an unwelcome ghost.

One blogger out there in my blogosphere
Has the answer that will be so clear,
Each of us chooses the perfect blog to array,
exactly the beauty with the world we say.
Magnifying glass, just take it away.


The Everyday Rambler

th.jpg card handThe everyday rambler

these words of my gamble

seem invisible

for no one to understand

that each thought rests in my mind,

the written word evaporates away

with fancy gimmicks,

my mind can’t see,

headers, footer,


far above my place

Maybe it is time to throw in the hand.

just the everyday gambler, one piece at a time.PUZZLE OF CARDS

My House is On Fire

mom, dad, and dogsMy house is on fire, I frantically run with a flashlight trying to penetrate the thickening smoke.

My eyes shed tears like rainstorms and my lungs make my breathing labored and air is hard to find.

My hands reach out as I shout out, “Riley, Sadie,” listening for a bark. All I have is hope.

My fingers plunge  and shake as their furry bodies are resting on the cot, bringing me peace of mind.

As I pass the fluffy poodles, our friends, to my husband, I struggle to enter the inferno once again.

I reach above the curio cabinet and find both of my children’s pictures, a remembrance to always keep.

The last thing  I grasp, is my Bible with marked up pages, streams of God’s love so deep.

My house is on fire, everything may turn into ashes, years of love remain forever,

My house is on fire, but our love is something than  not even death can sever.