Archive | January 26, 2013

My Eulogy


It was a joy and gift that God gave all of you to intertwine my life, to teach me, to guide me, but most importantly to love me just as I was, whether I was 10, 20, or  63, I thank God for the beauty, the sorrows, the laughs, and countless memories that led me throughout life.

I honor my family, my parents and grandparents, who encouraged me and gave me the moral fiber of my being. I praise God for the family God allowed me to hold in my heart, my husband, my daughter and son-in-law, my son, and all of my 5 beautiful and special grandchildren.  You will be with me as I will be with you.

Every student, every fellow worker that I had the honor of calling my family, brought me gifts of kindness, hugs, smiles, a listening ear, people who  laughed at my jokes or puns.As a teacher I gave all that I loved and all that I am.  I will remember you always.


Do not grieve for me, but know that I am happy, I am well and I am free,

I have fulfilled the time and mission that God had given in life for me.

Rather honor me always with a smile and one good thing I may have given you to remind.

Keep God and your dreams ahead of you, and His joys will always be there always for you to find.