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Shipwrecked, would I be a monstrous cannibal consuming a human being?

If I were on a ship braving the cold, dark sea, and food nor water were in my grasp,

Would I like Dudley take command to kill someone and feast on human prey,

I don’t think I could live with the fact that I became a killer as the man breathed his last,

Insanity and haunting nightmares would follow me each and every day,

I would rather surrender myself so that others could survive and live,

knowing that it was my choice to be the one to be sacrificed,

then they might appreciate me and remember to them what I chose to give,

For me it would be the ultimate gift, My love for them, not to be denied.

Shipwrecked in life? God will lead me to lay down my lfe if He wanted me too,

How about you?


I hope everyone can accept everyone as they are, just the way peoople accept everyone.

Lines by Linda

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe young burly man with sandy blond hair quietly sauntered into my living room, with his usual slow uneven gait, a lasting reminder of his early childhood escape caused from hitting a semi at the age of nine.  The event forever freshly pressed into our hearts with the promise that God has something special ahead for you. His legs crossed with the turning of one foot encircled the space. Sweat was pouring from his brow, his strong arms grasped behind his head, It was like watching a silent movie, actions, and no words, action and no words.

Suddenly, his mouth opened and he said, “Mom, I have something to tell you, please wait until I am through.” Being a mother I felt my body become tense but I could not let him feel the anxiousness and the fast beating heart, that was felt, but not seen. He told me he was gay and…

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