Life at 16

I remember going back to that time of being sixteen,
I referred to myself as “Tons of fun”.
No one ever made fun of who I was or acted mean.
If anyone could bring a laugh, I was the one.

Teased hair, and flipped at the ends,
my only goal was to have fun in whatever I would do.
My goals for a future were the last thing I had in mind.
That changed as I began to ponder, what will I do.

I started looking at the talents I had been given,
tuba playing, joking, and clowning, and oh how I loved to act.
I was fat, but I never felt that way in my living,
People weren’t bullies, but friends who made an impact.

At 16 the world was left wide open to lead me on my journey.
For people were and are my life and each one can see
That I am still that person, forever 16 inside,
At 63, life holds out those dreams, ones that I will never hide,

Be 16 forever, no matter your age, just dare to always believe!