The three essentials we sometimes taken for granted, how about you?

Lines by Linda

homethCAIB1F7P.jpg rainHandsInSoil

Home,shelter                   Soil,abundance                                      Rain,life-giving

My home is my shelter filled up with love, hope, warmth to get me through any storm that I face.

The soil yields  abundantly foods that energize me and like manna are heaven-sent by God’s grace.

Rain, life-giving, cleansing, soaking, creating the richness of nature’s awakening throughout the beauty I see.

It humbles me to appreciate the small things in life that I take for granted in His work that is here for me.

I travel in my imagination all over the world keeping these thoughts in my mind

I wish I could understand that these things for many are so hard to find.

Everyone needs shelter, yet live on the streets, many have soil on which nothing grows, and rain never arrives,

Together in the world, we must help one another, to enrich everyone’s lives.

Shelter, soil and rain, we join with one another believing God always gives.

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