Archive | January 17, 2013

Act or React






Act or react to the challenges we face everyday, that is such a difficult point considering each of us, I know.

Briefly my mind grows insane yelling, “What am I going to do, What am I going to do, where can I go, where can I go?”

Somehow the adrenalin kicks in,  like a hypnotic state, the answers arrive like a search engine giving us a plan or two,

I remember all the scriptures stored within my heart and then my thoughts turn to the one that says you need not be  afraid.

I briefly drift to that place, a quiet serene place of utter peace, where I find the answer in the correct choice I have made,

God will keep you calm in the middle of any storm. He will protect me and keep me from any type of harm.

So each one has a plan of action in any crisis that we may find no matter how big or how small,

Find your peace and answer in the storms of your crisis where you will be safe and warm.

I have weathered in time and grown through the stages of  crisis, too many to count.

God will be with you, trust that you’re not alone and after the crisis, just believe there is one way out.

Act  or react, do you believe you are not alone, without a doubt?

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