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Padlocks and Keys







The first thing I see as I open the door are padlocks and keys, just a sampling of many more.
As a child I grew up without my fathers love to never know or experience how it would feel,
For 21 years of my life I had not heard from it at all, and yet I knew I wanted to meet this man.
I meant his sisters who wrote to me growing up, and after meeting them, giving me love that was real.
Warmth and blessings and so much to discover about my past and my father to them I listened intently.
Saying goodbye seemed like part of them was traveling with me day in and day out.
After arriving home after a long bus ride, my telephone rang the voice said,”This is your dad, confidently.
I did not have words that came easily to say, but we talked briefly. I had a dad, finally, no doubt!
I planned to go there over Thanksgiving and waited at Amtrak in Chicago, Illinois.
How would he recognize me, how would I recognize him, were questions resting in my mind.
Finally a big burly man came and said, “Linda?” He gave me a kiss that filled me with joy.
He had remarried to Bea, who never knew her parents and grew up in an orphanage unlike mine.
I felt accepted  as their daughter but after time drifted by and the distance was far,
He doubted that I was his after my stepmother died, my mother was faithful to him, I knew that was true.
As time marched by, I invited dad to come here for Christmas one year after my mom had died.
Our small town was the opposite of city life and he felt this could never be the life for me.
My dad believed that he could not trust anyone, and a friend would only use you was his view.
After dad died, our Kansas family went there and it took two hours just to open the bars and locks to enter in,
We met everyone on his block and we welcomed them in, “Why, many would ask did your dad know so few.
I gained a philosophy in life that has carried me to make me the person that everyone always sees,
I have friends who I care for and they care for me without any expectation, just for being  the realme.
Through God’s love and the love of family and friends, our heartsGE DIGITAL CAMERA       aren’t shut with padlocks and keys.