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How I Plan to Escape Getting the Flu

How I plan to escape getting the flu,I will explain just what I will do?

A compromised immune system and a sentence to stay home leans me to find wisdom.

I invented a plan that is truly unique, I wonder what the public may think.

I am planning to go to a supermarket quite a distance away from my home,

a place where no one knows my name, as I shop for food that I need.

I will wrap myself with plastic wrap from head to the tips of my toes,

cutting out a space so I will be able to breathe and eyes that will be able to see.

Clean, purified oxygen pumped in with a surgical mask so germs can’t invade.

The icing on the cake will be surgical gloves for everything I touch.

I may need someone to video this crazy plan to go out to shop.

How I plan to escape getting the flu, to many may seem a bit over the top!

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