Revelations Mystifies Me

secondcomingThe book of Revelations mystified me.

So much of it stings like a bee.

John in his vision God gave him to see

about future times for you and me.

Its path not easy, as I did read,

but only in God can we succeed.

The thought of having a mark like in the Holocaust,

makes me tremble as we must have faith, no matter the cost.

Like Job, we shall be tempted to fall and give in,

It is then we look to Jesus again and again.

After so much pain and sorrow we go through,

we are rewarded and blessed with our God too.

For in Revelation it says,”He who testifies these thins says,”Yes, I am coming soon, Amen.  Come Lord Jesus. The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen. (Rev.22:20-21 NIV)

Revelation mystified me, lead me on the path to eternity.