A Preteen’s Gift

I considered myself normal for the age of 12 with a varied amount of interests.  There was one thing that I wanted that would make my Christmas complete, a phonograph, which now is obsolete. Oh the thrill of listening to my records in my room to sing along and feel like the artist was in the room with me.

That Christmas there was one large gift from my mom especially for me.  My heart beat fast, as the anticipation grew, I ripped the paper so I could finally treasure the gift I had hoped for to behold.  Inside the box was an iron.  I could not believe it, I gulped and with love and honor I showed my mom my gratitude.

It is so strange how my mother saw right through me. At bed time my mom came in and said, “Linda, I think I made a ridiculous choice for you, all I want is for you to be happy.  Tomorrow let’s go exchange it for that phonograph you want.”  I learned how much parents want their children to be happy.  Music was such a part of my life.

I had a tuba scholarship to go to college, because I loved music.  To this day ironing is not my thing, it left a lasting impression.  When my daughter took tests before going to Kindergarten I could hear mom laugh from heaven, when my child could not name the picture of an iron, I realized things happen for a purpose. Everything leaves an impression, a preteen’s wishes are never strange.


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