The Conversation Piece

Her store was a little nook tucked in the heart of our little town.

She gathered many others who traveled for her creations to  see,

She cared about her creations which she fashioned placing them around.

Jean was a special gift for one and all, she was an angel of God’s beauty.

Her shop was never empty and her laughter and talk still echoes here today,

For each floral creation and plant forever in my mind never gets dimmer

After ten years she still lives in my heart and is by me day after day,

Her joy and beliefs as well spread through darkness with a hope that glimmers,

Jean, ” Your shop’s name befits you oh so very well, dear friend”.

As I celebrate Christmas, with sweet memories of you, once again.

For now she’s in heaven with her family on heaven’s golden streets,

I love you and you will always be in my heart and God’s Conversation Piece.