What Christmas means to me.

What Christmas means to me is God’s greatest gift of all, the birth of His son, Jesus Christ who gave his life for eternity for people like you and me. I have memories like Dickens “Christmas Carol” Not what I call ghosts but memories that are always in my heart, of events times, and so many people who helped me become what God planned just for me. So many people are in heaven and as I browse through old pictures or particular times I know somehow they are always next to me, encouraging me on into the future, to become the angels that they freely were to me. The love of parents and families that teaching brought me to are held so close inside, as their lives become successful and happy, I find more joy inside. The precious jewels of my children and grandchildren are the best gifts God could ever give. He has given me friends that are his angels that give me a reason to smile. Thank you so much. That is what Christmas means to me.