Archive | November 28, 2012

Have you taught your children don’t be naughty, but nice?

Have you taught your children don’t be naughty but nice.

As we grew up did your parents preach that to you?

Somehow it flavored the Christmas spirit with spice,

hoping your children would behave in all that they would do.

For the thrill came from the tales of a man in a red suit,

that would miraculously appear in the blink of an eye,

Naturally, most children behaved to get their loot,

But after Christmas did their behavior somehow pass by.

It is hard as an adult to admit the truth and spill out the dice,

that yes, there are times when you’ve been naughty, not nice!

Grandma, always told me you better practice what you preach,

After becoming a grandma, she was right I must agree.

As a parent we want our children to practice what you teach,

God will always be there to forgive us all and set us free?

So sometimes you have to think it over once or even twice,

Have you taught your children, don’t be naughty, but nice?