One Scary Night

I was walking and the full moon seemed to hover over the street


Turning each street light into dimmed twinkles until the clouds came,


A shift of the wind, grew cooler and now I felt each and every heartbeat.


I tried to walk faster and faster as the night turned dimmer and dimmer


“Someone is following me,” my mind was communicating this fear.


So I took off running faster and faster waiting for my home light to glimmer.


The faster I ran, whoever or whatever only became far too near.


Out of the corner of my eye, I called on my courage to take a glance,


A tall black figure was following me, I was at such a sight.


My neck now turned completely back, I couldn’t believe my eyes


It was my shadow that my imagination created, that night..

I laugh now, but forever remember that night and my body’s disguise