The Journey Home Posted for September 23,2012

The Journey Home

People, special to those along the path of life we have found,

to spread laughter and sunshine everywhere they go.

There is nothing some wouldn’t do for you year in and year out

Knowing  the love of Jesus and  that life and love are about.

sharing the greatest of years with others to somehow understand

That our existence cannot be reached without meeting life’s demand.

For we are all linked together like a  chain of  gold became strong

Always to protect us and guide us together in our path here and beyond/

Listen carefully and quietly, and hear laughter again and again

As we treasure the good times with others, as more than just a friend

God rewarded us with people that touched us and made life glow.

When our journey ends, God will take us on a journey, people there we know.

At last we will be together  in love and peace, forever,  together to rejoice.

And be linked together to sing his praises where He listens to each voice.