Not a Good Morning (Posted for September 19,2012)

I woke up one morning, and found my husband yelling and screaming,

I rubbed my eyes because I thought that I must still be dreaming.

His eyes were as large as flying saucers, he was not the man I knew.

As I scrambled to the kitchen, I stood there in complete horror,

There was cereal spread all over on the cold, cold floor.

“What is the matter?” I asked with a calm voice.

“I am sick and tired of the same old cereal, it is not my choice.”

To make matters even more alarming, he began to jump as I listened to each crackle

I awakened my son, figuring he could do something to help, even if he had to tackle.

Both of us were unsure of exactly what to do. I decided to call 911.

The police came and arrested him, the deed had been done.

He was put in jail a day or two, for being such a thriller.

They booked him on the charges of being a cereal killer.


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